Mariene Informatie Service ‘MARIS’ BV

Short Name: MARIS
Country: The Netherlands


The Mariene Informatie Service, MARIS, originates from a governmental initiative in the Netherlands to improve the overview and access of data, information and knowledge about the sea. The MARIS foundation was established in 1989, and established the MARIS company, which has been active and successful since 1996. MARIS develops and manages projects and internet systems for management and provision of marine and ocean data. MARIS is very much involved in the development and implementation of the Pan-European infrastructure for ocean and marine data. In particular as Coordinator of EU Sea-Search project (2002-2005), and technical coordinator of its successor projects EU SeaDataNet (2006-2011), EU SeaDataNet II (2011-2015) and EU SeaDataCloud (2016-2020). MARIS is also very active in the implementation of the European Marine Observation and Data network (EMODnet) as coordinator of EMODnet Bathymetry and EMODnet Ingestion, and as technical coordinator of EMODnet Chemistry and EMODnet Physics. MARIS is quite leading in the strategy domain around marine data infrastructures in Europe. As such MARIS is involved in the formulation and further roll-out of the Blue Cloud initiative as a ‘blue print’ how the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) might be deployed for the European marine and ocean data community, involving major infrastructures such as SeaDataNet, Copernicus (CMEMS), EuroGOOS, EMODnet, and others. Next to strategy MARIS also develops and operates infrastructures, dynamic web portals, internet applications, including mobile apps, incorporating databases, content management systems, mapping services, sensor web enablement, responsive design, crowd sourcing, and with support for multiple platforms.


MARIS will undertake lead activities in WP3 Joint Research Activities, as Task Leader in JRA3.1. Advancing shipboard data management and data access.

MARIS will also participate in WP7 Innovation Management and Exploitation, and WP9 Dissemination and Communication.

MARIS will provide expertise on data management as operator of the EVIOR platform. EVIOR has been built in the previous EuroFleets projects and will be upgraded in the new Eurofleets+ project in the WP3 JRA. Operation of EVIOR includes maintaining the web platform, connecting more RVs with their metadata – data streams, maintenance of the metadatabases for cruises (with subcontracting by MARIS of BSH for CSR database) and cruise programs (with subcontracting by MARIS of BODC for CP database) and research vessels and large equipment in cooperation with EUROCEAN. Moreover, it will include MARIS contributing to the formulation and implementation of the planned approach for managing all data flows for data as collected during the TA cruises in order to make these widely available together with associated metadata for potential users and for tracking of impact of the use of these data sets as part of publications and data products. MARIS will lead the JRA activities on data research and also provide support for data management activities across the Eurofleets+ work packages. As WP leader this will also implicate contributing to the overall project management activities. MARIS will thus contribute to several work packages building upon its wide technical knowledge and expertise on marine data management and related services and standards. Moreover, it will provide content and strategic contributions for EF3 developments considering EMODnet, SeaDataCloud and the Blue Cloud initiative.

Relevant Publications

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Kon. Julianalaan 345A, 2273 JJ Voorburg, Netherlands
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