VoyagerIP International Services Limited

Short Name: VIP
Country: Ireland


Voyager IP specialises in maritime VSat, Inmarsat, VOIP, 3G/4G LTE internet solutions, and on-board entertainment and telecommunication systems for white yachts, cruise ships, commercial vessels and offshore oil and gas platforms, keeping our customers connected and entertained wherever they are.


VoyagerIP International Services Limited will undertake activities in WP3 Joint Research Activities and WP7 Innovation Management and Exploitation. Our participation in Eurofleets+ will be centered around us interpreting information regarding the typical systems and bandwidth currently available on the participant vessels with a view to creating a guideline document suggesting strategies to enable the typical vessel setup to be optimised to utilise their current systems better and to enable them to make best use of upcoming technology and consequent bandwidth availability. This optimised system will then allow more capacity when needed for e- access or some form of telepresence capability.

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Ashford Heritage Centre, Ashford, Co. Wicklow, Ireland
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