WP3 – JRA: Joint Research Activities

JRA3.1. Advancing shipboard data management and data access
JRA 3.2 Equipment innovations for deep sea operations from vessels
JRA 3.3: Intelligent robot exploration

The overall aim of WP3 is to upgrade existing and develop new tools for European research vessels in order to advance their capabilities for exploring the oceans, managing the data obtained and facilitating data access. There are three main joint research activities (JRAs): JRA 3.1 Advancing the EARS shipboard data management systems, EVIOR portal, telepresence and e-access; JRA 3.2 Investigating and developing equipment and rigs for deep sea operations from research vessels; and JRA 3.3 Intelligent robot exploration.


The objectives of JRA 3.1 are 1) to review and upgrade the Eurofleets+ data management system (TRL 4-5) into a complete and qualified system (minimum TRL 7) for gathering, transmitting and publishing manual and automatic metadata and data from research vessels during cruises; 2) to deploy in a planned manner the successive releases of the data management system on board the various vessels; 3) to explore, develop and experiment with a ‘virtual playground’ providing scientists with cloud computing and analytical technologies for interacting with the cruise metadata and data; and 4) to analyse, test and draft guidelines for deploying and optimizing solutions for telepresence and real-time data transfer; The objective of JRA 3.2 is the study and conceptual development of equipment for deep sea operations from research vessels. The objective of JRA3.3 is to develop innovative methods and strategies for intelligent exploration, mapping and control using cooperative navigation.


D3.1: EVIOR portal with selected functionality [MARIS]. M8
D3.2: EVIOR portal with full functionality [MARIS]. M42
D3.3: EARS V2 deployment report (M12)D3.4: EARS V3 deployment report (M42)
D3.5: Specification of required improvements and additions of shipboard data management system [CSIC]. M8
D3.6: Report on simulation and field trials of fully integrated system and recommendations [CSIC]. M21
D3.7 Release of production version of upgraded EARS software, including documentation [RBINS]. M23
D3.8: Release of production version of upgraded Data Acquisition System software, including documentation [IFREMER]. M23
D3.9: Release of production version of upgraded SSR system software, including documentation and upgraded Web Services software [CSIC]. M23
D3.10: Guideline for easy installation & configuration of the integrated shipboard system [RBINS]. M24
D3.11: Specification of the virtual playground functionality [OGS]. M24
D3.12: Specification of system architecture and modules [OGS]. M30
D3.13: Report on validated virtual playground tools on the EVIOR portal [MARIS]. M40
D3.14: Guideline for control and optimisation software and hardware to increase efficiency of on board marine broadband systems to allow for improved e –access including telepresence [VIP]. M12
D3.15: Guideline on telepresence implementation [MI]. M24
D3.16: Review of requirements of current and planned deep water observatories, deep water moorings and deep- water research currently and based on future requirements [NIOZ]. M12
D3.17: Guidelines on use and limitations of drum winches vs captive winches USING Aramid Cables. [CSIC]. M18 D3.18: Outline Design of Electric, Heave Compensated portable (ISO 20’) winch to be utilised on Ocean, Global, Regional and vessels of opportunity (OSV) [MacDK]. M24
D3.19: Recommendations for selected vessels types for securing arrangements for portable winches [MI]. M36 D3.20: Viability Study of design of interchangeable drum winches (IDW). [CSIC]. M36
D3.21: Outline design of multipurpose crane/handling system for deep water operations for regional /Ocean vessels. [CSIC]. M36
D3.22: Functional system specification for dual moon pool /OTS handling system (SEAONICS).M24
D3.23: Dynamic Simulation model for dual moon pool /OTS handling system (SEAONICS).M30
D3.24: Concept Design package for moon-pool and over side ROV equipment. Model [SEAONICS]. M36
D3.25: Real-time optical target recognition using machine learning [Coronis]. M19
D3.26 Online 3D mapping module as a cloud of 3D points with real-time robot pose estimation and quality assessment [UdG]. M36
D3.27: Deepsea cooperative AUV/ASV: Range only Navigation. [IFREMER]. M36
D3.28: Shallow water cooperative AUV/ASV: Navigation & Guidance. Hardware in the Loop Simulation. [IQUA]. M36
D3.29: Report on experimental results on shallow water cooperative AUV/ASV navigation & Guidance. [UdG]. M42

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