National Research Council of Italy

Short Name: CNR
Country: Italy


Description of Participant Organisation, including relevant Faculty or Department:

Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, the Italian National Research Council (CNR) is the largest public research institution in Italy with the mission to promote, transfer and improve the knowledge in the main sectors of the scientific, technological, economic and social research activities, and to contribute to the qualification of human resources.

The CNR activity is focused on 7 macro areas of interdisciplinary scientific and technological research devoted to the planning, coordination and evaluation of the research activities carried out within 102 Institutes and more than 330 secondary sites and laboratories in Italy and abroad, including the scientific facilities in Arctic and Antarctic Areas.

CNR will participate in the Eurofleets+ project mainly with the following structures:

  • The Earth system science and environmental technologies Department covers most marine disciplines, with a multidisciplinary approach: physics, geology, chemistry, biology, fishery studies, satellite oceanography and operational oceanography.

  • The Office of Planning, as part of the Central Administration (Central Management for the Support to the Scientific Network and Infrastructure) at CNR Headquarters in Rome, that is responsible, among others, for the management, development and promotion of CNR Marine Large-Scale Facilities and coordinates national and international cooperation with other organizations.


CNR will be Work Package Leader of WP8 Foresight: Legacy and Roadmap. This is based on their consolidated expertise in networking and trans-national activities developed at national and European level, also in collaboration with ERVO Group and Eurofleets 2.

Access to Research Vessels and related infrastructure: CNR will offer access to the Glider Teresa [AUV] within the WP2 Transnational Access, and contribute to the training activities offering, free of charge, RV G Dallaporta for Floating University in the Mediterranean Sea, as part of WP 6 Training and Education.

CNR will contribute to WP3 Joint Research Activities (JRA3.1) by providing its long experience in oceanographic surveys, high quality data acquisition, management and storage of heterogeneous data type, QA/QC parameters definition together with long experience in marine infrastructure management such as moorings, gliders and HF radar networks.

CNR will contribute to WP5 Stakeholder Engagement focusing on the analysis of stakeholder needs, and to WP6 Training and Education, providing its expertise in multidisciplinary training activities in the Mediterranean Sea. CNR will be also involved in WP7 Innovation Management and Exploitation contributing in the exploitation of Eurofleets+ technological developments and in WP9 Dissemination and Communication informing decision- makers in European bodies and agencies about project achievements.

Support offered: The users will work together with the field technician for the scheduling of the mission by defining all aspects required for the success of the experiment and the achievement of the expected results. The support will include deployment and recovery of the glider as well as remote action in case of emergency. Near- real-time in-situ data analysis is done by the PI using SOCIB DAPP Interface as well as post processing elaboration for the final data.

Relevant Publications

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  • Field testing, validation and optimization report, 2016, A Ribotti, F Antognarelli, A Satta, M Borghini et al., COMMON SENSE Deliverable number 9.2.


Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Piazzale Aldo Moro, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy
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