T3.3.1.3 Online 3D mapping and quality assessment

T3.3.1 Intelligent AUV mapping
T3.3.2 AUV-ASV Cooperation

Lead: UdG, Coronis

M16-M36. This task is devoted to the implementation and testing of online optical mapping, based on sparse Structure from Motion techniques with uncertainty propagation. The objective of these methods is to obtain a 3D representation of the environment while the AUV is operating at close-range to the seafloor. The main purpose of creating an online 3D representation with associated uncertainty is to ensure that the area is adequately covered, therefore also assuring the ability to create high quality and resolution 3D models post-mission. Current state-of-the-art 3D reconstruction relies on computationally expensive bundle-adjustment optimization. This task will implement efficient real-time incremental solutions to obtain a sparse cloud of 3D points, while assessing the quality of the map in real time.

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