WP7 – NA4: Innovation Management and Exploitation

T7.1 Establish exploitation and innovation management process
T7.2 Guidelines and support for TA to user groups and researchers
T7.3 Innovation management and exploitation implementation
T7.4 Exploitation roadmap

The overall aim of W7 is to ensure a high level of industrial collaboration in the project, sound innovation management practices, and appropriate identification and management of exploitable results in order to increase the project impact.


The objectives of WP7 are to:

  1. Ensure that project participants understand the exploitation strategy and plan, and innovation management procedures, based on principles agreed in the Eurofleets+ Consortium Agreement.
  2. Provide guidelines and support to user groups and researchers on innovation management and exploitation, for funded transnational or virtual access activities.
  3. Create an industry platform within the Eurofleets+ Innovation Committee to ensure a strong focus on innovation and to reinforce partnerships between research organisations and industry.
  4. Implement best practice innovation management and exploitation processes in all stages of the project, and capture and manage relevant project results.
  5. Develop an exploitation roadmap to ensure that commercial and non-commercial results will increase the medium and long-term impact of the project and maximise opportunities for future exploitation.


D7.1: Exploitation and innovation plan [RBINS]. M3
D7.2: Exploitation and innovation guidelines and training materials for user groups. [RBINS]. M5. D7.3: Industry platform report on market needs and innovation potential [VIP]. M18
D7.4: Innovation Committee interim report [RBINS]. M25
D7.5: Eurofleets+ Exploitation Roadmap [RBINS]M42
D7.6: Eurofleets+ Innovation Case Studies [RBINS] M46
D7.7: Innovation Committee final report [RBINS]. M48

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