T3.2.1 Deep sea sampling equipment

T3.2.1 Deep sea sampling equipment
T3.2.2 New deep-sea winch design
T3.2.3 Multipurpose crane/handling system for deep water operations
T3.2.4 Moon-pool use for deployment and recovery of research tools


M1-M18. This will entail a detailed review of requirements of deep water observatories, deep water moorings and deep-water research in use currently and based on future requirements including size and weights of deployed equipment, cables and landers and length and complexity of design of deep water moorings. This will include a review of international developments in deep sea cabled observatories e.g. Japan (S-NET project), Canada (Neptune observatory). This task aims to gather information on the current and future technical requirements of the deep-sea research communities in terms of deployment, maintenance and recovery of equipment to inform the development and design of equipment to accomplish these tasks. Such information will inform other tasks which involve industrial partners (e.g. T3.2.2 – T3.2.4). It will also provide information to future users, stakeholders and ship operators about the possibility of carrying out deep-sea works. The direct involvement of industry in the development of these tools with close engagement and interaction of research performers and vessel operators will greatly enhance the innovation potential of this joint research action. (Task Leader: NIOZ, with EMSO ERIC, HAVFO, MI).

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