T3.2.2 New deep-sea winch design

T3.2.1 Deep sea sampling equipment
T3.2.2 New deep-sea winch design
T3.2.3 Multipurpose crane/handling system for deep water operations
T3.2.4 Moon-pool use for deployment and recovery of research tools

Lead: CSIC

M12-M42. This task will develop an interoperable and portable deep-sea winch design for deep sea operations, using the latest aramid cable technology suitable for use on ocean and regional vessels. The main design goals will be to minimise the size and footprint of the winch to ensure a truly portable and interoperable unit. This development will facilitate the utilisation of smaller Ocean class and the larger Regional vessels for the support of deep ocean activities as determined in Task 1.

Study of the viability of winches with interchangeable drums. (Task leader: CSIC).

An analysis of the use and limitations of drum winches vs captive winches with Aramid cables will be conducted through modelling and testing, and guidelines for operators and manufacturers will developed. We will determine the definitive limitations of simple drum winches in terms of loading, maximum length of cable and operating conditions using aramid cable technology rather than complex captive winches for use within the deep ocean area lifting and real-time cables. This will involve close collaboration with the participating industrial partners, HAMPIDJAN, SEAONICS, and MacDK. An outline design will be developed in co-operation with a leading industrial partner for an electric, heave compensated portable (ISO 20’) winch to be utilized on Ocean, Global, Regional and vessels of opportunity (OSV) called the EF+ deep sea winch. (Industrial Task Leader: MacDK). Deck loadings and securing arrangements for the winch design will be investigated for typical Eurofleets vessels (to include 3 regional and 3 Ocean class vessels of varying age and design). This task will deck layout arrangements and make recommendations for the selected vessels/ types for securing arrangements for the interoperable deep sea winch. (This will involve close collaboration between participants MI, CSIC, HAVFO, NIOZ, and MacDK).

The viability of winches with interchangeable drums will be investigated. Having mobile drums with pre-installed cable would be an advance both for the configuration of the campaigns and for interoperability of cables between European vessels. The design of winches with interchangeable drums will require a feasibility study to determine the advantages and disadvantages of using such a system. The pro and cons of a system based on cable type, dimensions and weight will be evaluated. The cost and engineering complexity of designing a suitable winch system will be assessed. (Task Leader: CSIC).

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