T3.2.4 Moon-pool use for deployment and recovery of research tools

T3.2.1 Deep sea sampling equipment
T3.2.2 New deep-sea winch design
T3.2.3 Multipurpose crane/handling system for deep water operations
T3.2.4 Moon-pool use for deployment and recovery of research tools


M6-M36. A dual mode handling system will be designed for the deployment and recovery of research tools and equipment such as ROV’s, Grabs, Drop cameras and observatory components to seabed through moon-pools or/and over the side. Limited examples of dual handling systems for deployment through moon pool/ over the side are in existence and this task seeks to develop a concept design and simulation of operation will be conducted to demonstrate the design and prove its fitness for purpose. Requirements will be analysed for integrated handling operations through moon-pool with guidance, together with over side ROV operations (i.e. speeds, operational depth, splash zone requirements and performance) and risk assessment using HAZID/HAZOP/FMECA analysis. The results of these analyses will include: a functional system specification review and verification; a 3D simulation of moon-pool and over-side operations to validate performance vs requirements; and a concept system design. (Task Leader: SEAONICS).

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