T1.4 Launch Eurofleets+ project

T1.1 Eurofleets+ kickoff meeting
T1.2 Project management
T1.3 Data management
T1.4 Launch Eurofleets+ project
T1.5. Project leadership and monitoring
T1.6. Project Reporting

Lead: MI

M1-M3. Hold a public event to launch the Eurofleets+ project, and to raise awareness of planned transnational and virtual access, joint research, and networking activities. The event, to be held on a research vessel and also live-streamed, will: introduce the project team and objectives (WP1); highlight the diverse transnational and virtual access to be made available, including profiles of research vessels and related infrastructure in order to attract applications for access by scientific communities in academia and industry (WP2); describe the innovative joint research activities and explain their importance in improving the efficiency, quality, and joint use of the research vessel infrastructures, with a particular emphasis on new technologies and industrial involvement (WP3); provide a preview of forthcoming Calls for Applications and introduce the infrastructure access portal and Call requirements (WP4); announce the schedule of stakeholder events and focus areas and invite participation to join the Eurofleets+ network through a formal (but free) membership process targeting major stakeholders (WP5); promote the training and education activities for staff managing research infrastructures, training for new users, specific attention to increase participation of women to science, activities for educators, and to attract young people to science careers (WP6); promote opportunities for industry and entrepreneurs to access research vessels and related infrastructure and highlight innovation potential (WP7); invite contributions to the Eurofleets+ roadmap and connect with other relevant infrastructures and initiatives to ensure continuation of the project legacy (WP8); introduce the Eurofleets+ project website, brochure, dissemination and communication plan (including outreach programme), and raise awareness of the events and schedule (WP9). Relevant stakeholders will be invited to the launch event, from: industry (entrepreneurs and innovators, SMEs, Large Enterprises); academia, research communities, government ministries, policy makers, educators, media organisations, other research infrastructure providers, projects and initiatives; and the general public (selected from stakeholder database, WP5). [Lead partner MI, plus WP Leaders MI, CSIC, AWI, EMSO ERIC, OGS, RBINS, CNR, and EUROCEAN, with support from all participants where needed].

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