T3.1.5: Optimizing solutions for telepresence and real-time data transfer (e-access)

T3.1.1 Reviewing and upgrading the design and functionality of the EVIOR portal
T3.1.2 Reviewing and upgrading the suite of shipboard software components
T3.1.3 Outfitting the Eurofleets+ fleet
T3.1.4: Developing a “virtual playground” as part of the EVIOR portal
T3.1.5: Optimizing solutions for telepresence and real-time data transfer (e-access)
T3.1.6 Processing of en route data from research vessels

Lead: MI, VIP

There is a need to shorten the time period between data acquisition and data access for users on research vessels and on shore, as well as for interacting with the crew and the vessel from the shore. A direct communication from the shore with the ship, its crew, and its data acquisition operations, while sometimes at the other end of the world, will facilitate optimising the scientific output of these costly operations and the logistic support, where needed. Telecommunication is developing fast and so-called ‘telepresence’ might soon come in reach of several vessel operators. Therefore, some pilots will be undertaken with telepresence and real-time data transfer. This will give further insights for possible solutions for telepresence and real-time data transfer. The pilot demonstration of telepresence technology will be deployed during one of the Eurofleets+ TA cruises. It will provide the basis for developing draft guidelines.

Step 1: Draft guideline for control and optimisation software and hardware to increase efficiency of on board marine broadband systems to allow for improved e-access including telepresence (M1 – M12)
Step 2: Draft guideline on telepresence implementation (M12 – M24)

The Task and pilot will be coordinated by MI while the guidelines will be drafted by Voyager IP, an SME specialised in telepresence solutions.

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