T3.1.6 Processing of en route data from research vessels

T3.1.1 Reviewing and upgrading the design and functionality of the EVIOR portal
T3.1.2 Reviewing and upgrading the suite of shipboard software components
T3.1.3 Outfitting the Eurofleets+ fleet
T3.1.4: Developing a “virtual playground” as part of the EVIOR portal
T3.1.5: Optimizing solutions for telepresence and real-time data transfer (e-access)
T3.1.6 Processing of en route data from research vessels


Research vessels, while sailing, are collecting or can automatically collect data that are usually insufficiently exploited. In Eurofleets+ we shall make sure that the collection of these parameters occurs during all funded cruises and that the data find their way to a wide dissemination, in line with Eurofleets+ open data policy. The specific objectives of this task are to develop an efficient and harmonized operational workflow between the Eurofleets+ vessels and the reference data centres and to prepare the metadata and data according to the various specifications of the relevant data dissemination frameworks.

We will focus particularly on 1) meteorological data, 2) “Essential Ocean Variables” (e.g. sea temperature, salinity, currents, oxygen, nutrients, carbon, plankton biomass, etc.); 3) 3.5 kHz or Chirp light seismic; and 4) multi-beam bathymetry. Operational procedures will be agreed with the vessel operators in order to routinely collect the data and make them available in near real time to the Eurofleets reference data centres (three NODCs: HCMR, RBINS and OGS). These data centres will develop and apply a semi–automated processing workflow in order to format and document the data adequately for their widest dissemination to global directories, well-known repositories and operational data dissemination networks, to include: INSPIRE, SeaDataNet, EMODnet, GEOSS, EOSC, EVIOR, GOSUD, GO-SHIP, GTS, and Copernicus, in application of the FAIR guiding principles. This will be done in collaboration with dissemination and communication activities in WP9.

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