WP9 – NA6: Dissemination and Communication

Task 9.1 Plan and support dissemination activities
Task 9.2 Develop and maintain Eurofleets + web presence
Task 9.3 Promoting the science of Eurofleets+
Task 9.4 Exploitation and Promotion of the scientific data
Task 9.5 News from the Ocean
Task 9.6 Informing decision-makers
Task 9.7 Activities towards other observing systems and infrastructures
Task 9.8 Supporting capacity-building and ocean literacy


  1. To disseminate project results and communicate project activities to raise awareness of the central role of Europe ́s fleet of Research Vessels in relation to knowledge of marine processes and resources and thereby our management of the ocean.
  2. To inform and support the engagement of key users and stakeholder communities in relation to the TA, JRA and training activities.
  3. To ensure that decision makers and funders are fully aware of the need to support a fit-for-purpose Research Vessel capability in Europe.
  4. To ensure that the research data collected during the funded cruises, and the en-route data collected by the vessels are made widely available in line with FAIR and Open Research Data principles.


D9.1: Updated Dissemination and Communication Plan. [EUROCEAN] (M3)
D9.2: Eurofleets+ Project Website [BLIT] (M4)
D9.3: Eurofleets+ Promotional and Print Materials [EUROCEAN] (M6)
D9.4: Report on JRA activities special science session [CSIC] (M24)
D9.5: Interim Report on promoting the Marine science technology synergies [CSIC] (M24)
D9.6: Final Report on promoting the Marine science technology synergies [CSIC] (M48)
D9.7: Video disseminating activities of a TA cruise [EUROCEAN] (M36)
D9.8: Dissemination and communication impacts interim report [EUROCEAN] (M24)
D9.10: Summary achievements and recommendations for policymakers [EUROCEAN] (M45)
D9.11: Communication Package towards other infrastructures [EUROCEAN] (M12)
D9.12: Dissemination toolbox for young researchers [EUROCEAN] (M6)
D9.13: Promotion pack and video materials for open days [EUROCEAN] (M16)
D9.14: Eurofleets + data sets catalogue [MARIS] (M6)
D9.15: En-Route data collection exploitation and promotion interim report [MARIS] (M24)
D9.16 Research and en-route data collection exploitation and promotion final report [MARIS] (M48) D9.17 Dissemination and communication impacts report, including case studies [EUROCEAN] (M48)

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