Task 9.2 Develop and maintain Eurofleets + web presence

Task 9.1 Plan and support dissemination activities
Task 9.2 Develop and maintain Eurofleets + web presence
Task 9.3 Promoting the science of Eurofleets+
Task 9.4 Exploitation and Promotion of the scientific data
Task 9.5 News from the Ocean
Task 9.6 Informing decision-makers
Task 9.7 Activities towards other observing systems and infrastructures
Task 9.8 Supporting capacity-building and ocean literacy

Lead: BLIT

A specific website for the project will be set-up, maintained and populated for the duration of the project. The website will be the main publicly accessible communications channel to disseminate project results and communicate project activities. It will be structured to

  • provide seamless access to the JRA activities and developments as well as scientific results (WP3)
  • publicise the TA calls and provide access to all the information required for applicants to prepare their proposals (WP4)
  • disseminate information, including photos and video material from the successful TA cruises (WP4) also incorporating a dynamic map to show the real-time location of Eurofleets + vessels (WP2).
  • support stakeholder engagement with clear information on the objectives, benefits and applications of the project (WP5)
  • support the training and capacity building initiatives by promoting the opportunities available through the project and acting as a repository of relevant resources (WP6)
  • ensure open science by providing seamless access including Virtual access (VA) to the research data collected during the funded cruises and the en-route data from the vessels (WP2).
  • link easily to information from relevant complementary initiatives, projects and infrastructures and promote the project legacy (WP8).
  • be responsive so can be accessed via multiple platforms.
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