Task 9.8 Supporting capacity-building and ocean literacy

Task 9.1 Plan and support dissemination activities
Task 9.2 Develop and maintain Eurofleets + web presence
Task 9.3 Promoting the science of Eurofleets+
Task 9.4 Exploitation and Promotion of the scientific data
Task 9.5 News from the Ocean
Task 9.6 Informing decision-makers
Task 9.7 Activities towards other observing systems and infrastructures
Task 9.8 Supporting capacity-building and ocean literacy


This task will support the initiatives in WP 6 towards, training, education and ocean literacy. In particular it will:

  • Support promotion of Eurofleets + training for young researchers and technicians including advertising of opportunities, tailored messaging to promote through websites, social media and networks
  • Publicize and support open days onboard a number of TA vessels at dockside, by providing tailored promotion pack (e.g. flyers, gadgets, factsheets)
  • Tailor video materials to promote understanding of research vessel activities
  • Support the compilation and integration of the ocean classroom materials into the Eurofleets + website
  • Promote the “Ship to Shore” expedition widely. Will engage with UNESCO Associated Schools project network and the EDU-Arctic project among others in order to reach schools globally. [Lead: EUROCEAN; Contributors: MI, OGS, Blue Lobster]
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